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At Free Running Tracks you will find music specifically designed for runners.
Not only are our tracks designed with the runner in mind, the music is FREE to download.

All of the MP3 downloads are in .zip format for super quick download.  Just download to your computer, extract the files to your MP3 player and enjoy your ‘free’ running tracks :)

Did we mention that these music tracks are FREE?
Download and listen to them for free!
Share them with your friends for free!
But most of all ENJOY!!!

Start now by listening and downloading the music tracks below


Breaking Boudaries >Download Breaking Boundaries by Clicking Here
Is This Real >Download Is This Real by Clicking Here
Endorphine >Download Endorphine by Clicking Here
Trancefixed >Download Transfixed by Clicking Here


The Following Tracks Are Produced By The Amazing
Koordinate of Wonders

Living Line >Download Living Line by Clicking Here
AmniBios > Download AmniBios by Clicking Here
Basso       Download Basso by Clicking Here
Horizontal Rain > Download Horizontal Rain by Clicking Here
Outside The Sphere > Download Outside The Sphere by Clicking Here
Spectrum      Download Seventh Spectrum by Clicking Here


Listening to music whilst running helps to motivate you and is a really enjoyable way of passing time.  Please be aware, if you are listening to the tracks on your headphones then you might not hear outside noise.  Always be aware of your surroundings and take extra care when crossing roads or junctions.

All of the running music on this site can be downloaded and used for personal use only.

We aim to bring you some of the most innovative and purpose made running music specifically designed with the runner in mind.  Keep checking back for the latest downloads as we are constantly working on new tracks.

If you are not bothered about running but would like to download free music, or download free MP3s then enjoy downloading the free music here.  With direct downloads and copyright granted for personal use you can be assured that downloading MP3s from this site is legal and unlike sites such as Piratebay and Kickass Torrents you will not be downloading any hidden viruses.

Later in the year we are hoping to produce a free running tracks album so keep coming back and keep on running


Mega Downloads

      1. Midnight Cassette System 56 Minute mix Right Click and Choose ' 'Save As'

      2. Midnight Cassette System 56 Minute Drum and Base Right Click and Choose 'Save As'

Free Running Trax

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